Property Investment Portfolio


Our Group acquired the first office property in Central in the 1990s. In view of strong growing demand from the financial services providers sector, listed companies and mainland corporations for quality offices in prime locations of the core business areas, leading to the growth potential of the rental and capital value.


Our retail premises are located in prime urban areas with convenient access to public transportation, including Wan Chai, North Point, Mong Kok and Kwun Tong. Retail sales, and location in terms of accessibility and traffic flow. Our retail premises located in urban neighborhood locations offering more stability to their rental and capital value due to the comparatively more stable residential household purchase power and local consumption demand.


Our Group acquired its first industrial property in Chai Wan. The property is benefitted from the revitalize industrial buildings measures implemented by The Development Bureau in recent years; and in 2016 Policy Address, “re-industrialization’ is identified as a potential new area of economic growth for Hong Kong, enhancing the diversity of our Group’s investment property portfolio.