Our Business

Our Business

We engage in property investment in Hong Kong with a principal focus on office, retail and industrial properties leasing and in the property management business. We own an investment property portfolio covering Grade A office space in core business districts, retail shops in prime urban areas, and industrial building units in a developed urban area.

Apart from leasing investment property, we also provide related value-added property management services to tenants in order to enhance their satisfaction in letting our property. We have a dedicated Property Department which manages the leasing business through our own operations system. Starting from 2016, we have extended the provision and scope of property management services to other property owners which are independent third parties. Our services include sourcing tenants, advising our clients on the latest developments in property management policy, formulating, preparing and implementing management strategies for our clients and monitoring rental collection.



Business Model

As rental income derived from property is our principal source of revenue, we have a dedicated property team which manages our leasing business. Our property department is responsible for the Group’s daily business operations. In order to maintain our competitive strength in the property leasing market, our property department collects the latest market data for input into our in-house database to facilitate day-to-day analysis and decision making. For newly-acquired investment property which are subject to existing ongoing leases, the property department would maintain regular communications with the new tenants and gain a better understanding of their characteristics, businesses and needs.

In order to expand our investment property portfolio with the aim of growing our rental income, we constantly review our investment property portfolio and identify and evaluate potential acquisition or divestment opportunities. We acquire properties with a steady high occupancy rate and capital appreciation potential which are able to generate stable income from a long-term investment perspective whenever timely and appropriate opportunities arise. The Investment Committee is accountable to the Board and assists the Board in reviewing, evaluating and recommending both investment and divestment opportunities, while also overseeing investment matters of importance to the Company in accordance with its financial strategy and policies, monitoring and evaluating investment performance, and ensuring compliance with investment restrictions.

Property Investment Portfolio


Our office properties include Grade A offices in core business districts, namely Central and Wanchai.



Our retail premises are located in prime urban areas with convenient access to public transportation, including Wan Chai, North Point, Mong Kok and Kwun Tong.



Our industrial units are located in a
developed urban area in Chai Wan.